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The SUPR3ME - CSGO Framework is a complex, unique and private CSGO CHEAT which mainly focuses on high security for our customers. We know that you might have heard that a lot, but we really take the security serious. As you can see down below, we have three security principles which no P2C provider offers.

In the following part we will answer some of the question you might have.


How do I get access to it?

We decided to implement an application - system. We decide if you are either trusted or not. This is the most efficient way to keep the community exclusive and secure. You'll need to speak to the coders and tell them why you'd fit in the community.

What software do you provide?

We'll offer an internal (legit/full) and an external version of the private SUPR3ME CHEAT. Both will have the same security features implemented but will be different in themselves.



Keeping the access to a software private makes it much safer than P2C softwares. The chance of it getting reversed is so much lower because of the restricted access. Also, our userbase is much smaller than p2c provider userbases which also decreases the chances of getting detected.


Every user will receive a unique build of our Loader and the CHEAT. This way a banwave is nearly impossible.


Our software undergoes extreme testing to improve and ensure the quality and output of our products.


Dominate every game with our supr3me products.

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